Imessage Not Using Phone Number

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IMessage won't let me use my phone number Apple

For facetime and imessage, my phone number is gray and not selectable, i can only do it with apple id, which means someone cannot facetime with me via my phone number, but has to know my mail address. I have been using this iphone 4 for almost 2 years, no problem at all till yesterday, when i upgraded to Ios 6.0.1 and happened like this. More Less. Dec 4, …

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Phone number is not registered with iMessage? The Fix

What Does Phone Number Not Registered With iMessage Mean? iMessage is a service exclusive to Apple device users, meaning that it works for communication only between that brand’s devices. While an iMessage, when the functionality is activated, can be sent from and to a MacBook, iPhone, iPad, and iPad touch, it cannot be sent to an Android device.

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Top 7 Ways to iMessage Not Showing Contact Names on …

Phone number is not registered with iMessage? The Fix - Gotechtor
1. Close Messages App Temporarily. If you are running iMessage or Messages app and the names not showing up in iMessage issue never goes away, you can try quitting the app for a while.
2. Force Restart iPhone. Apart from refreshing the app itself, you can also attempt to do the same for the device. Here, we suggest the adoption of a force restart to fix iPhone Messages not showing contact names.
3. Try iOS System Recovery Tool [Most Effective] In terms of the issue described in the tutorial, give an iOS repair tool a shot. Why must the tool?
4. Turn off/on MMS Messaging. In some cases, fault settings on your iPhone lead to problems. The iMessage not showing contact names on iPhone issue can be fixed after adjusting some settings.
5. Disable/Enable Short Name. Another setting that deserves your attention is the Short Name option. Just go to Settings > Contacts > Short Name. Toggle the button off.
6. Check Contacts Are Syncing. It is necessary to ensure that Contacts are syncing with iCloud properly. If there is not well syncing, you may encounter the iMessage not showing contact names on iPhone problem.
7. Reset Network Settings. Resetting the network settings also helps, although it may not work so well. Doing this will erase settings like Wi-Fi passwords and cellular data settings.

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How to Activate iMessage with a Phone Number iHax

Scroll down and go to messages. Turn on the toggle to the green side for iMessage. You will receive a confirmation message as a pop-up saying that your carrier may charge for an SMS message. Click on OK to proceed. Wait for a while to process and activate the iMessage. Tap on Send and receive button. If you can see the option for Use your Apple

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6 Quick Ways to Fix iMessage Activation Unsuccessful Error

Choose your phone number to be used in iMessage; Check to see if your iMessage is activated. Part 2. Connect to Wi-Fi & Cellular Data . Perhaps, you are already cramming to use your iPhone and you forgot to turn on the internet, the reason why you received the iMessage Activation Unsuccessful. iMessage can only activate if your device is …

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Can't send imessage to one person? Here's why Gadgetroyale

If iMessage not working for one contact and you’re sure the person is not using an android phone or a feature phone and has an imessage, kindly use another means to contact the person. First, use the cellular network to call the person’s number. If it didn’t go through, then you have to try another means and that is using the instant

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IMessage not using phone number? MacRumors Forums

FAQ and Rules Contact Us. Search . Search titles only By: Search Advanced search… Search titles only By: Search Advanced… Sidebar Sidebar. Become a MacRumors Supporter for $25/year with no ads, private forums, and more! Menu iMessage not using phone number? Thread starter babybuuutch; Start date Feb 5, 2013; Sort by reaction score; Forums. …

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IMessage Displays The Wrong Phone Number, fix AppleToolBox

When I would make calls or send SMS’s, the number would be correct. However, using iMessage would send numbers through the old phone number! Under Settings-Phone, it would still show the old number. I called Apple, they said to change the trusted phone number on your Apple ID, and reset. Still didn’t work. She said to hold off for a bit and

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Top 5 Ways to Fix iMessage Activation Failed [2022 Updated]

How to use iMessage? Apple’s iMessage is an intimate way of communicating with friends and loved ones over an internet connection. iMessage is better than the regular SMS or MMS because it does a whole lot more. It lets you send photos, videos, files, locations, and other data. It works over Wi-Fi and does not count on your monthly plan. Because iMessage sends …

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IMessage Not Working? Here's How to Fix It (Updated for

If your iMessage is not working, it could be for a number of different reasons. We'll cover how to fix iMessage when it's saying the text was not delivered or if your iPhone is not receiving texts. Whether you're on iOS 15 or an earlier software, the solutions are roughly the same. If your iMessage isn't working or won't activate, we’ll figure out how to fix it.

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IMessage Not Working? [SOLVED] Here's How to Fix It

Note: Your contacts with an Android phone can not receive iMessages. For that, you will need to send them a normal SMS. Your number is still registered with the iMessage app on your previous iPhone and now when you have shifted to Android, you will still receive messages. Your contacts will be able to see ‘delivered’ when they send you an iMessage. …

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IPhone Not Showing Contact Names? Here's Why & The Fix

Remove Country Code for Contacts. You can sometimes solve this issue by removing your country code. Country codes are the 1 or 2 number s you see before your number. e.g. +1 or +44. iOS may add these country codes to numbers local to you. This is when you may want to remove them. Edit these number so they don’t have the country Code in front

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my phone number not registered with imessage?

If the problem is that only some of your devices are encountering the “phone number not registered with iMessage” error, you should make sure that you’re logged in with your Apple ID across all of the Apple devices you use. Allowing a Mac to send and receive text messages from an iPhone.

Why cant i receive imessage messages on my iphone?

Make sure that your phone number is registered on your iMessage account. In order to check this, do the following: Go to the Messages section under Settings. Click on Preferences. Open your Apple ID under the settings. Make sure that your phone number is registered and verified.

Why do texts appear as imessages instead of a phone number?

However, the texts appear as iMessages that came from the email address of the person instead of the phone number. The message may display the person’s Apple account. The Apple account shows up because of the email address registered on the iMessage or on the iCloud account. Here are the steps that you can do in order to fix this problem.

How to fix imessage notifications that dont have contact names?

Check Contact Apps If iMessage notifications for select people don't have contact names, you should confirm that you have the persons' phone number (or email) saved to your Mac's contact book. Launch the Contacts app on your MacBook and search for the contact name.

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