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Special Effect Lenses Special Effects Contacts Halloween Lenses

These special effect contact lenses are able to suit your different prescriptions, as well as eyes that need no prescription at all. Also, all of our special effect contact lenses are FDA approved, so you know you are getting a safe product. These innovative lenses are developed for occasional use and should not be worn for longer than 8 hours

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Special Effects Contact Lenses & FX Contacts For Professionals

Buy Special Effects Contact Lenses Online. Shop the world's largest range of professional-grade FX contacts or special effects contact lenses at Crazy Lenses. Used by professional FX artists to create hyper-realistic and often inhuman eye transformations for in-character actors, actresses, extras, or models appearing in movies, TV ads, theatre

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SpecialEffect Contact Lenses: Trends and Designs

Movie Avatar - yellow "alien" contacts. Movie Alice in Wonderland - Special-effect lenses with vivid green color worn by Mad Hatter. Harry Potter - Yellow cat-eyes. Crazy and scary contact lenses are still very popular for the characters playing spider webs, cat eyes and werewolves. They make a mark with zombie, vampire and other supernatural

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FX Lenses, Special Effect Contacts, Halloween & Cosplay

Black Blind Zombie Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (Daily) $15.99 was: $17.99. View more. White Mini Sclera Zombie Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (Daily) $19.99. View more. Black Mini Sclera Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (Daily) $19.99.

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Special Effect Contact Lenses Vision Excellence

Special-effect contact lenses — including black contact lenses, Halloween contact lenses and other "crazy" lenses — are soft contact lenses that are available for theatrical and novelty uses. It's important to note that all contact lenses, including plano Halloween contacts and any other special-effects contacts, are classified as medical …

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Specialeffect contact lenses Contact lense art

Special-effects contact lenses are usually only worn on special occasions, such as parties. Choosing daily disposable special-effects contact lenses is a convenient option, since you don’t have to deal with storing them between uses. Just discard them after the party and get new ones for the next occasion. Get your eyes checked once a year . Even if you only wear contact

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Special Effects of Contact Lenses The Eye News

The fitting of special contact lenses is different. “Big eye” lenses or circle contact lenses are one of the famous designs of special effect contact lenses because it makes you look like a doll or an anime character. Purchase contact lenses in legitimate optical stores to avoid unsafe products. The cost of custom hand-painted designs is

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Costume Contact Lenses and Other SpecialEffect Contacts

Special-effects contact lenses: Trends and designs. Black sclera contact lenses, white contact lenses, wild eyes, cat eyes — whichever you choose, there's a huge array of Halloween contact lenses to add the ultimate finishing touch to your Halloween costume. Current trends in costume or novelty contact lenses are inspired by movies and cult TV shows. These …

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Where to Buy Prescription Special Effects Contacts 2020

Lens.com. Lens.com is actually one of the very few places that you can find FDA approved special effects contact lenses at, and they have quite a nice selection for you to pick from. Whether you are trying to turn your eyes red like a vampire, or blue like a zombie, Lens.com has a selection of over 100 different types of special effects contact

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FX Contact Lenses: Costume, Theatrical, Special Effects …

Special effects contacts, also known as FX contact Lenses; or by other popular names such as decorative, Halloween, Plano, colored, or theatrical contact lenses are a fairly new ‘ fashion-trend ‘ & ‘ novelty ‘ that has become more popular within the past 5 years. Special effects contacts are commonly worn within many different art forms

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Special FX Contact Lenses Special Effect Contacts

Get a stunning look with fx contacts. These contacts have special characteristics, such as glow in the dark UV colors, complete eye-covering mesh, or other unique designs. They are great for photoshoots and theatrical costumes, or to add that extra edge to …

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Special FX Blind Lens, Theatrical Effect Contact Lenses

White Blind Zombie Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day) $20.99. View more. Black Blind Zombie Halloween Colored Contact Lenses (Daily) $15.99 was: $17.99. View more. Green Lizard Eye Colored Contact Lenses (30 Day) $20.99. View more.

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Special Effect Contact Lenses IFairycon

Coscon Anime Blue Color Contact Lens. USD17.90. Quick view View Options. Compare.

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Halloween, Special Effect, FX, Theatrical & Novelty Contact Lenses

Our frightening special effects contact lenses are perfect for zombies, vampires, monsters and other creepy creatures. Consider a Lurtz, Chimera or Incubus FX contacts to really freak out your friends. This collection of theatrical contact lenses goes way beyond traditional contact lenses.

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9mm Sfx FX contact lenses

Custom hand painted special effects and natural contact lenses

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Film & Special Effects SFX Contact Lenses Custom Color Contacts

TV Credits for Special Effects Color Contacts. Blacklist (Various) Elementary (Various) Killing Reagan – Cynthia Nixon. The Interestings – Ed Squires. Orange Is The New Black (Various) Collateral Beauty – Helen Mirren. Person Of Interest (Various) Girl …

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Customized Contact Lens Services Optometrix

Special Effects Contact Lenses. From the simple, subtle enhancement of eye color, to the creation of a unique new character, to the development of a totally alien being…OPTOMETRIX has been providing the television, video and motion picture community with a full complement of customized contact lens services since 1987.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are special effect contact lenses?

It’s simple really; special effect contact lenses are simply any cosmetic lenses that provide the wearer with an effect that changes the look of their eye in one way or another. There are so many different kinds of FX contacts to cater for any taste or occasion and at Coloured Contacts we have a diverse range to choose from.

What are halloween contact lenses and black contacts?

Available for theatrical and novelty uses, Halloween contact lenses and black contact lenses are special-effect contact lenses that are classified as medical devices by the FDA. Special-effect contact lenses have a non-transparent tint that covers eye’s color. The center of the lens lies over your pupil and lets you see clearly.

Are scleral contact lenses fda approved?

Yes they are if they are used correctly and cared for according to the manufacturer's instructions. Unlike 'Flea market' lenses, all Novelty (Halloween, Special Effect, FX, Theatrical) contact lenses sold by Lens.com are approved by the FDA. What are scleral lenses? The white part of your eye is called the sclera.

What are the best contact lenses for horror movies?

Our frightening special effects contact lenses are perfect for zombies, vampires, monsters and other creepy creatures. Consider a Lurtz, Chimera or Incubus FX contacts to really freak out your friends. This collection of theatrical contact lenses goes way beyond traditional contact lenses.

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